Exterior at night

The Center at night

Side Entrance

The entrance of the CSGS

Heather Love audience

The audience listens as Lauren Berlant introduces Heather Love in 2014

Class discussion

Students participate in a classroom discussion at the Center

Héctor Carrillo

Héctor Carrillo talks with students after his book talk in 2018

Joan Scott

Joan Scott speaking at the Center in 2017


Students listen to panelists present in 2017

Community room

The Community Room at 5733 S University

center door

Center entrance

5733 exterior

The exterior of 5733 S University

Bhanu Kapil

Poet Bhanu Kapil at the Center in 2016

Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies

We are proud to offer the Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies to any University of Chicago doctoral student, MAPSS student or Masters student in the Divinity School, who has completed the following requirements:

  • A graduate-level foundation course in gender and sexuality theory. The following courses will automatically be approved in 2019-20. Equivalent substitutes may be granted and should be requested prior to taking the course.
    • GNSE 41500 - Bodies of Transformation (Autumn 2019)
    • GNSE 44905 - Feminism and the Radical Democratic Imaginary: Futures Past (Autumn 2019)
    • GNSE 32103 - Feminism and Anthropology (Winter 2020)
    • GNSE 36885 - Queer Theory (Winter 2020)
    • GNSE 42911 - Gender and Sexuality in South Asian Religions (Winter 2020)
    • GNSE 44906 - Feminism and the Radical Democratic Imaginary, Part II (Winter 2020)
    • GNSE 45112 - Anthropology of the Body (Winter 2020)
    • GNSE 54104 – On Man: Sociogenesis and Subjectivation (Winter 2020)
    • GNSE 31562 - Third World Women’s Writings (Spring 2020)
    • GNSE 33501 - Gender, Sex, and Empire (Spring 2020)
    • GNSE 34554 - Mysticism and Modernity (Spring 2020)
    • GNSE 35550 - Feminist and Queer Literary Criticism (Spring 2020)
    • GNSE 51000 - Narrative in Crip and Queer Times (Spring 2020)
  • At least three additional courses in gender and sexuality studies. These may be cross-listed courses or equivalent non-cross listed courses approved by the graduate chair.
  • A major research paper with a substantial gender/sexuality component.
  • Participation in the Gender & Sexualities Studies Workshop.

All four courses must be taken for a “quality grade,” i.e., not an R or a P.

Students wishing to receive the certificate should submit evidence of having fulfilled the requirements for approval to the Student Affairs Administrator, Bonnie Kanter, at bonniek@uchicago.edu.