Exterior at night

The Center at night

Side Entrance

The entrance of the CSGS

Heather Love audience

The audience listens as Lauren Berlant introduces Heather Love in 2014

Class discussion

Students participate in a classroom discussion at the Center

Héctor Carrillo

Héctor Carrillo talks with students after his book talk in 2018

Joan Scott

Joan Scott speaking at the Center in 2017


Students listen to panelists present in 2017

Community room

The Community Room at 5733 S University

center door

Center entrance

5733 exterior

The exterior of 5733 S University

Bhanu Kapil

Poet Bhanu Kapil at the Center in 2016


Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop

The Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop (GSSW) is an interdisciplinary workshop committed to the development of critical perspectives on gender and sexuality. The workshop serves as a forum for discussing both graduate student papers as well as unpublished work from faculty and outside guests. Graduate students are encouraged to present working chapters of dissertations, master’s theses, and papers that are being prepared for publication. Calls for abstracts will be distributed a month prior to the start of each quarter.

If you are interested in joining our email list, please click here or contact the workshop coordinators, Kat Myers and Michael Stablein, Jr., at gssworkshop@gmail.com. Additional workshop information, including past schedules, can be found on our website.

Day & Time: Alternate Tuesdays (even weeks) from 5:00 to 6:20 pm
Location: All workshops will be held remotely for the 2023-24 academic year unless otherwise noted.

Gender and Sexuality Studies Working Group

The goal of the Gender and Sexuality Studies Working Group (GSSWG) is to provide graduate students a forum and space to workshop research and writing at any point in the progress of the work. Students and papers can be from any field, discipline, or methodological tradition, as long as the research is relevant, in some capacity, to gender and sexuality studies, broadly defined. Attendance is limited to students and postdoctoral scholars.

Persons with disabilities or who may need assistance, please contact the working group coordinators, Lizette Arellano and Malavika Parthasarathy, at gssworkinggroup@gmail.com

Day & Time: Alternate Tuesdays (odd weeks) from 5:00 to 6:00 pm
Location: in person at the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (5733 S University Ave, Room 103) or via Zoom, subject to the presenter's preference.

Visit the Workshops Archive