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Undergraduate Minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Choosing to pursue a minor allows you to shape a disciplinary or interdisciplinary plan of study that will provide a competence in gender and sexuality studies. Such a minor requires a total of six courses: GNSE 10310 or an approved substitute and five additional courses in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Summary of Requirements for Minors:

  • 1 “Theories of Gender and Sexuality” or approved substitute
  • 5 Elective courses

Total requirements: 6

Note: It is recommended but not required that GSS minors complete their civilization requirement by taking GNSE 15002-15003, “Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations 1 and 2.” Students who take another civilization sequence to fulfill the general education requirement may count GNSE 15002-15003 in the minor.

Students who elect the minor program in Gender and Sexuality Studies should meet with Student Affairs Administrator Bonnie Kanter (bonniek@uchicago.edu) before the end of Spring Quarter of their third year to declare their intention to complete the minor. Students choose courses in consultation with the Student Affairs Administrator or the Director of Studies, Jennifer Wild. Approval for the minor program should be submitted to each student's College adviser by the deadline on a form obtained from the adviser.

Courses in the minor (1) may not be double counted with the student's major(s) or with other minors and (2) may not be counted toward general education requirements. Courses in the minor must be taken for quality grades, and at least four of the requirements for the minor must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.

Sample Minors

Nonmajors are encouraged to use these samples as a resource for the purpose of designing programs within disciplines, as an aid for the allocation of electives, or for the pursuit of a BA project. For further work in gender and sexuality studies, students are encouraged to investigate other courses taught by affiliated faculty.

Disciplinary Minor Sample Program

  • (1) GNSE 10310 “Theories of Gender and Sexuality) or approved substitute
  • GNSE 25106 Girlhood and American Literature
  • GNSE 21300 Victorian Wives, Mothers, and Daughters (=ENGL 21100)
  • GNSE 22401 Chicana/o Intellectual Thought (=ENGL 28004)
  • GNSE 24702 When and Where They Entered: Black Women Writers of the 1940s and 1950s (=ENGL 25103)

Interdisciplinary Minor

  • (1) GNSE 10310 “Theories of Gender and Sexuality) or approved substitute
  • GNSE 20800 Sexual Identity/Life Course/Life Story (=HUDV 24600)
  • GNSE 22701 Sexuality and Censorship in Pre-Stonewall Film (=CMST 20901)
  • GNSE 24001 Love and Eros in Japanese History (=HIST 24001)
  • GNSE 24900 Foucault and The History of Sexuality (=PHIL 24800)