2000 grads

The first graduating class of Gender Studies majors in 2000

Leila Ahmed

Lelia Ahmed gives a lecture in May 2012

Alison Bechdel and student

Alison Bechdel speaks with a student at an exhibition of her work

Lauren Berlant and Mel Chen

Professor Lauren Berlant introducing guest speaker Mel Chen

Lauren Berlant and Kristen Schilt

Professors Lauren Berlant and Kristen Schilt participate in a zine making workshop

Hillary Chute and Alison Bechdel

Professor Hillary Chute and Alison Bechdel


Students participate in a classroom discussion at CSGS

Community room

The Community Room at 5733 S University

center door

Center entrance

2011 fellows

CSGS Fellows in 2011

5733 exterior

The exterior of 5733 S University

Student question

A student asks a question after a talk by Kimberly Peirce in October 2011

Fellowships & Funding

The Center is proud to provide various fellowships, competitions and research opportunities for our graduate students and faculty, as well as graduate teaching opportunities. Please refer to each individual page for more information on eligibility and the application process. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions or need help with your application.

Current Opportunities

Faculty Projects — Faculty Projects and event funding opportunities are intended to enable University of Chicago faculty to be actively involved with the Center in mutually productive ways as we seek to build an intellectual community of scholars working on gender and sexuality across disciplines. Learn more.

Graduate Student Fellowships — CSGS offers several fellowships throughout the year. There are different criteria and awards associated with each. Applications are available to download. Learn more.

Graduate Teaching — Applications for these positions are accepted from all interested Ph.D. students in all divisions and professional schools. Learn more.

Essay Prize — The Ruth Murray Prize ($500) is awarded for the best essay written by a University of Chicago undergraduate in the area of feminist criticism or women's, gender or sexuality studies. Learn more.

Internships — The CSGS Undergraduate Summer Internship Program will offer up to four off-campus, Chicago-area internships in organizations involved in gender- or sexuality-related service, research, or activism. Learn more.