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The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago was established in 1996, after a decade of faculty and student self-organization. It now consolidates work on gender and sexuality, and in feminist, gay and lesbian, and queer studies.

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Congratulations, GSS Graduates!

The CSGS is proud to present the graduating class of 2015: Jenn David, Rebecca Edwards, Jade Goodwin Carter, Veronica Heap, Clare Koury, Bea Malsky, Emma Stone and Elise Wander. We would also like to congratulate those graduating this year with a GSS minor: Nadine Brown, Mich Elliott, Lyn Han, Zori Paul, and Emily Roznowski. We wish our majors and minors the very best in all their future endeavors!

The 2015 Ruth Murray Essay Prize of the CSGS was awarded to Stephanie Xiao for her paper, “Love in the Time of Chinatown: Marriage, Race, and the Making of the Chinese American Family, 1879-1909.”

Congratulations to these students on the following awards: Rebecca Edwards, Olga and Paul Menn Foundation Prize (English); Phi Beta Kappa: Mich Elliott, Meaghan Murphy, Emma Stone, Mallory VanMeeter (3rd year), and Elise Wander; and Mallory Van Meeter, Student Marshall.

Gender and Sexuality Studies is now part of the Core curriculum in the College!

UChicago students now have the opportunity to learn about the fundamental importance of gender and sexuality as analytic categories as part of their general education requirement teaching the introduction to the tools of inquiry used in every discipline. Read more about Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations here.

Check out this year's course offerings and more about the undergraduate major and the graduate certificate.

Visit us!

Visit the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture in our renovated space. See our calendar for upcoming events, or just stop by. All are welcome!

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