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The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago was established in 1996, after a decade of faculty and student self-organization. It now consolidates work on gender and sexuality, and in feminist, gay and lesbian, and queer studies.

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Closeted/Out in the Quadrangles Now Open!

The Center, in partnership with the Special Collections Research Center, is proud to present “Closeted/Out on the Quadrangles: A History of LGBTQ Life at the University of Chicago,” a special exhibition opening April 1 and running through June 12. By delving into the University’s past, and reflecting on the present, we wanted to facilitate a new conversation about the ways in which sexuality, identity, and notions of community shape and are shaped by the intellectual and practical mission of the University. Since the autumn of 2011, we have been engaged in several modes of training, research and discovery to meet this goal: undergraduate coursework, extensive oral history and archival research, collection of new materials, a speaker series, and the development of this exhibition.

Spring Program Highlights

On April 2 Nayan Shah (Professor and Chair, American Studies and Ethnicity, USC and History MA '90, PhD '95) will deliver the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Lecture, “Forcible Feeding and the Crisis of Care in Indefinite Detention.” The talk will explore the visual and visceral experiences of refusing food and the procedure of tube-feeding by force, such as the political mobilization and controversies of medical ethics during the imprisonment of suffragettes in Britain and U.S in the early 20th century and currently with detainees and deportees struggles in South Africa, Guantanamo and Europe.

The Center, along with a number of amazing collaborators, is continuing to develop the Sexual Violence on Campus Series. Please check the series page for updates.

A number of student-led conferences are planned for this quarter: Engendering Change: The Fifth Annual Chicago Area Graduate Gender/Sexualities Conference featuring keynote speaker, C.J. Pascoe on April 11, The Family and the Unfamiliar undergraduate conference on April 17, Masculinities on the British Fringe on April 24 and the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Graduate Working Conference on May 15.

In May, the Counter Cinema/Counter Media Project continues, including a visit from artist Zackary Drucker on May 8. On May 14, the Artists’ Salon will host Ramzi Fawaz on his work on comics and the queer history of the Fantastic Four.

We hope you will join the conversation!

For more information on this quarter’s activities, see our newsletter.

Gender and Sexuality Studies is now part of the Core curriculum in the College!

UChicago students now have the opportunity to learn about the fundamental importance of gender and sexuality as analytic categories as part of their general education requirement teaching the introduction to the tools of inquiry used in every discipline. Read more about Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations here.

Check out this year's course offerings and more about the undergraduate major and the graduate certificate.

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Visit the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality and the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture in our renovated space. See our calendar for upcoming events, or just stop by. All are welcome!

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