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The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality at the University of Chicago was established in 1996, after a decade of faculty and student self-organization. It now consolidates work on gender and sexuality, and in feminist, gay and lesbian, and queer studies.

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Care@Chicago, a series organized by the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (CSGS) and co-sponsored by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture (CSRPC), will run throughout the month of February 2018. It will include an exhibition of hand-printed wood type letterpress posters, free yoga classes on Fridays, a sexual health workshop, and a panel discussion on understandings and practices of care for researchers, students and teachers who regularly engage with difficult issues related to sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of violence and inequalities in their work. Details are available on the Care@Chicago project page.

The CSGS Welcomes a new Faculty Director

We are pleased to welcome Professor Kristen Schilt, Associate Professor of Sociology, as the new faculty director of the Center. Professor Schilt has been active at the CSGS since coming to the University of Chicago in 2008, having served on the board of directors and as Director of Studies for several years.

Her research interests center on sociology of gender and sexualities, the sociology of culture, and the sociology of work and occupations. A central focus of her work is finding new ways to make visible the taken-for-granted cultural assumptions about gender and sexuality that serve to naturalize and reproduce social inequality.

The Radius Podcast

Last spring the Center launched of our student-led and produced podcast, The Radius. The podcast is a space to chat about gender and sexuality throughout and beyond campus to the city at large and the field as a whole, from the center to the fringes. Our first two episodes are now available. UChicago students can submit stories at bit.ly/csgsradiuspitch.

Did you know?

All UChicago college students have the opportunity to learn about the fundamental importance of gender and sexuality as analytic categories as part of their general education requirement teaching the introduction to the tools of inquiry used in every discipline. The CSGS offers two sections of a two-quarter civilization sequence taught by our faculty based in a variety of disciplines. Read more about Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations.

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